Sunday, April 29, 2012

Messed up lives

He saw her. She saw him. Something clicked. They got close, as close one can be, but on telephones. She used to wake him up, he used to kiss her good night, obviously on telephone. Those were the best days a mobile phone could ever get. At last desperation of meeting rose to its peak, he reached out to meet her. She was also happy to meet him. She had genuine feelings for him, feelings of love or friendship or something else- he was not aware of this. Things didn't worked out the way he supposed them to be. She was a lot different then what he expected. Also he messed up everything. After that, He-She learned to sleep on their own and wake up on their own. Their mobile phones got sad again.

She tried hard, he never let her succeed. At last they talked again, just to start everything from the scratch again.  They again got close. This time it was he who got caught up in the wind of feelings and emotions. She used to kiss him good night. She used to wake him up. When he said he loves she, she said she doesn't love him like the way he thinks she does. She said they are not meant for each other. He said ok fine. She said she loves everyone, and that she loves him like she loves the other-him and the other-other-him and various other-other-hims. The other-hims keep on changing on a periodic basis, not lasting more than a year usually. 

He is happy that he didn't become the other-him and rather remained he, what he used to be. The only thing he wonders about  is that despite numerous other-hims shes got why she still wants to stay in touch with him. Why she wants to talk to him? Why she messages him? What does she wants from him? Is He nothing more than a mere time pass to her- If no then why does she makes him feel that way? He doubts that he can give her back that same warmth and care he thinks he used to give her earlier.  Only thing he used to think is that how can she love so many hims at a time? He knows that she deserves love like everyone of us but so much of love from so many people? Also why the other-hims keep on changing? Is she at fault or is all the other-hims and he at fault? She talks with other-hims at night daily, she gives them her so-called-friendly love. She makes them happy with her affection shown with the help of  her so-called-friendly kisses every night. 

Also, why does it still bothers him that who is the present other-him? Is it because he feels pity for them or pity for her ? Or is it because he wants to see her all devastated and heart(s)-broken(how many hearts she is having?) because he feels that this is what meant to happen if she continues to follow the same path. Can she ever become committed to one single person? Or can she even get committed for real? Can she ever love someone more than herself? Also what is it that he should do now? Should he remain in touch with her? Should he talk to her like nothing ever happened ? Should he always pretend like he doesn't give a damn about what she is doing with her life and about other-hims in her life who keeps on emerging from nowhere every 2-3 months?

-He's good friend.


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  2. good one Arvind! it's very captivating!
    hoping to see many more coming from you.

    1. thanks Saurabh! A little encouragement goes a long way. :)

  3. coment removed!! phr wahi kahunga 'he' should focus on rocket science rather :P

  4. what do you mean by "-He's good friend" ?

  5. I am the writer and I am He's good friend. ('He' is the symbolic representation of the guy whose story I have shared above in my words