Tuesday, May 1, 2012


After seeing all these famous people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Einstein, Newton, Sachin etc etc I feel like I'll be like them some day. I'll work hard my ass off day and night and will become famous some day. Famous for my work that I'll do and then I think but what is it that I really want to do? I don't even know that what I want to do in my life. All I know is I want to lead a happy life, free from all sorts of problems and confusions.

Then I see these millionaires and billionaires like Mallyas and Ambanis and I think that I'll be very rich some day. I'll do something that will make me as much rich as Uncle scrooge is but then I think that how will I be rich. What is it that will make me that rich? And when will that happen? What should I do to 
make that happen?

Then I see these young start-up owners of Flipkart and Instagram, they didn't like what they used to do so they did what they liked instead and made it big. Someday I'll do something(obviously) that if I din't like then I'll leave that and I'll do something that I'll like instead and will make it big. Only thing is I dont know what is that something that I'm not gonna like and what is it that I'm gonna make big. 

Then I see these people who do social service like Arvnd Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, they, for no selfish reasons of their own, work so hard to improve the society in which we live. I feel that someday I'll be convinced enough to be like them and to do my part but then I dont know when will that some day come and How will I know if that day has come or not? Also will I be able to do that? 

Then I see those budding writers who were once bankers or lawyers and made it large by writing masterpieces.With their vision, their dreams or their imagination they created a whole world of their own in their books and charmed their audiences to the fullest. I think I can do that or rather I will do that. I'll some day write a masterpeice too but then I dont know what that masterpiece will be all about and when will that someday come?

Then I see these people who do nothing and just sit around and relax and enoy and have fun and laugh and eat and sleep as much as they want and then I think I will do that too some day. I'll become the laziest fella of the town, I'll eat as soon as i wake up and then I'll sleep again and then I'll sit around and do nothing but then I think what if I do this then when will I do the things that I am talking above?

One thing to notice is, if I know that I am not doing something that is or will make me famous or will make me rich or will bring about a change in the society and neither I am just relaxing and doing nothing, then what is it exactly that I am doing and why am I doing it? Am I satisfied  in whatever I am doing and if I am satisfied then why do I crave for more?

Also the point is what should I pursue first and why. Well I believe everything is related. If I got famous I can use my fame to get rich or If I get rich I'll make myself famous through my money and use that money to start a new company and then will use the further profits to do social service and will try to bring about a change in the society. And when I'll be rich and satisfied and convinced enough I'll just relax and sleep and eat like a boss.

So the whole discussion boils down to one thing that has to be done at first- to get rich and/or famous
How to get famous? To get famous and to get a sustained fame I'll have to work hard like I have never done or else I would have been famous by now. 
And how to get rich? Any suggestions? One can get rich by selling something and that something can be anything ranging from consumer products to services to an idea. (Obviously there are other ways too to get rich- like lotteries, extortion, kidnapping,  politics or by marrying a millionaire.) 

Now how will I get sure that my idea will work out or not, well that's the risk that one has to take and I feel with a population so huge it's like- yaha sab kuch bikta h. Good things will sell on their own. Bad things need promotions but eventually people will buy them. If not, then I don't know what to do next. But its rare that a business, if done properly, will not work, all it needs is money, hardwork, money, determination, money and a brilliant idea. 
Buck up guys, now is the time to do that everything so that we can enjoy doing nothing when we get old.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Messed up lives

He saw her. She saw him. Something clicked. They got close, as close one can be, but on telephones. She used to wake him up, he used to kiss her good night, obviously on telephone. Those were the best days a mobile phone could ever get. At last desperation of meeting rose to its peak, he reached out to meet her. She was also happy to meet him. She had genuine feelings for him, feelings of love or friendship or something else- he was not aware of this. Things didn't worked out the way he supposed them to be. She was a lot different then what he expected. Also he messed up everything. After that, He-She learned to sleep on their own and wake up on their own. Their mobile phones got sad again.

She tried hard, he never let her succeed. At last they talked again, just to start everything from the scratch again.  They again got close. This time it was he who got caught up in the wind of feelings and emotions. She used to kiss him good night. She used to wake him up. When he said he loves she, she said she doesn't love him like the way he thinks she does. She said they are not meant for each other. He said ok fine. She said she loves everyone, and that she loves him like she loves the other-him and the other-other-him and various other-other-hims. The other-hims keep on changing on a periodic basis, not lasting more than a year usually. 

He is happy that he didn't become the other-him and rather remained he, what he used to be. The only thing he wonders about  is that despite numerous other-hims shes got why she still wants to stay in touch with him. Why she wants to talk to him? Why she messages him? What does she wants from him? Is He nothing more than a mere time pass to her- If no then why does she makes him feel that way? He doubts that he can give her back that same warmth and care he thinks he used to give her earlier.  Only thing he used to think is that how can she love so many hims at a time? He knows that she deserves love like everyone of us but so much of love from so many people? Also why the other-hims keep on changing? Is she at fault or is all the other-hims and he at fault? She talks with other-hims at night daily, she gives them her so-called-friendly love. She makes them happy with her affection shown with the help of  her so-called-friendly kisses every night. 

Also, why does it still bothers him that who is the present other-him? Is it because he feels pity for them or pity for her ? Or is it because he wants to see her all devastated and heart(s)-broken(how many hearts she is having?) because he feels that this is what meant to happen if she continues to follow the same path. Can she ever become committed to one single person? Or can she even get committed for real? Can she ever love someone more than herself? Also what is it that he should do now? Should he remain in touch with her? Should he talk to her like nothing ever happened ? Should he always pretend like he doesn't give a damn about what she is doing with her life and about other-hims in her life who keeps on emerging from nowhere every 2-3 months?

-He's good friend.